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Why the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences of the University of Padua?
Those who want a university experience like no other and have the desire to stand out from the crowd need look no further than the DCTVS.
Our vision is to increase international education, to enhance global awareness and nurture a more tolerant and inclusive human community.
Our goals are to increase the number of international students at all academic levels; expand the number of students participating in study abroad programs; facilitate graduate student and faculty international research and travel; provide quality services in support of these and other international initiatives.

Memorandum of Understanding:


3D Echo 360° workshop 

Three-dimensional echocardiography has completed its transition from a research tool to a clinically useful imaging modality able to provide valuable and unique information when addressing patient management. 3D Echo 360° has established itself as an exciting, cutting-edge course for all those who are interested in 3D Echo.

A superb and experienced faculty coming together in Padua, Italy a city with one of the oldest Universities in the world, to offer a unique 3D Echo learning experience including lectures, hands-on sessions, live sessions and clinical cases. Also, this year,to meet the different educational expectations of attendees, the workshop has doubled its educational offer by planning two parallel courses.

XX World Congress of Echocardiography 

Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology Congress 2015 (APSC 2015) which is taking place in Abu Dhabi from 29th April to 2nd May, 2015 in conjunction with the XX World Congress of Echocardiography and Allied Techniques 2015 and the 6th Annual Emirates Cardiac Society Congress 2015.

Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology - Bejing 2104

Prof. Iliceto has been to China this October in order to launch European and Chinese Collaboration in Continuing Medical Education. On Oct. 17th during a National Press Conference he spoke about the importance of basic and advanced training for Cardiovascular specialists. 
He commented on the CME Echocardiography project that has started between the Chinese Medical Association (Chinese Society of Echocardiography) jointly with the University of Padua, and Dept. of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences, sponsored by Lee’s Pharma Hong Kong. 
This innovative project with its unique blend of teaching at a distance with a web based, tv format, having bidirectional interaction, of live and on demand sessions, making it available for everyone from anywhere to everywhere. 
This Educational method was greatly appreciated by the Chinese authorities and Doctors. It helps in bringing world-renowned recognition to the Dept. and University of Padua.

"i18n" is an abbreviation for the word "internationalization". The term "i18n" is derived from its spelling as the letter "i" plus 18 letters plus the letter "n" (from Wikipedia).

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