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800 Years of Space at the University of Padua

Aula Magna, Palazzo del Bo, Padova

Dal 07.09.2022 al 09.09.2022

800 Years of Space at the University of Padua
Conference celebrating 800 years Science, Technology, Humanities, Art and Innovation in Space at the University of Padua

Aim of the conference The conference is inserted in the program of events celebrating the 800 years of the University of Padova and is jointly organized by several Departments and the Centre for Space Studies and Activities 'Giuseppe Colombo' (CISAS) of the University of Padova and by the INAF Astronomical Observatory of Padova, together with the EuroMoonMars programme. The conference aims to bring together distinguished lecturers celebrating the immense legacy of the past 800 years in Science, Technology, Humanities, Art and Innovation of Padova, its University, Astronomical Observatory and entire City, a legacy that paves the way to further great achievements in a bright future. To this end, the conference, besides presenting the complexity and risks of space travel, wants to emphasize the impact of space research in everyday life and the progress of human exploration of deep space, in order to create conditions for a more comfortable life and work. Sessions will be devoted to Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geodesy. Other sessions will treat habitats in Space, from the International Space Station (ISS) to the Moon and Mars. Several aspects of life in such habitats will be examined, from biomedicine to nutrition to psychology to political interactions among nations and private consortia. Among such diverse aspects, the conference will touch on humanities and art in Space, for the better well-being of astronauts in long-duration flights and sojourns. Students will expound on their experience in Space simulants. These sessions are organized with the support of the City of Padova, the EuroMoonMars programme (including universities and partners in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, and over Europe, the US, Korea, Chile), ArtMoonMars programme. The Moon Gallery Project which involves art scientists, whose masterpieces are presently on the ISS, will be present. Among these masterpieces (several having been realized by local artists), a cube whose six faces remind of the eighteen years of Galileo Galilei in Padova, the happiest of his life. The conference aims to involve the public as well. An exhibition will display models of scientific instruments realized inside the academy and in industries, together with a copy of the Moon Gallery and other artworks provided by artists. A live conversation is foreseen with astronauts in the ISS, next to the Moon Gallery. A public conference by an outstanding speaker is also foreseen.