Seminario - EuroMoonMars campaigns: Living, Working and Health in a Base

Aula Cagnetto - Via A. Gabelli 61


Living and working in space is a reality. Private companies are organizing to send crews into space for commercial purposes and soon we will have a privately run space station in orbit around the Earth. But living and working in space is very risky. Aside from threats from space debris and instrument malfunction, serious health hazards to space explorers include space radiation and zero gravity in the travel or partial gravity on the Moon and Mars , as well as psychological problems that can be caused by isolation. This seminar aims to present how the search for complexity and the risks of space travel is useful for creating more comfortable living and working conditions. We shall describe highlights from EuroMoonMars campaigns with Analogue Astronauts (including 3 students from Padova) isolated in extreme environments.

Per l'iscrizione al Seminario inviare una mail alla Segreteria della Scuola di Specialià di Medicina del Lavoro: rossella.zorzan@unipd.it
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Link per il collegamento via zoom: https://unipd.zoom.us/j/89834072550