WINTER SCHOOL - Occupational diseases: focus on pulmonary/thoracic pathology

University of Padova - Aula Cagnetto - Via A. Gabelli, 61 - 35121 Padova, Italy

Dal 13.02.2023 al 17.02.2023


Occupational diseases: focus on pulmonary/thoracic pathology
University of Padova - February 13-17, 2023

Occupational lung/thoracic diseases arise or worsen in particular work environments. They are caused by longterm exposure to irritants that can have lasting and irreversible effects, even after the end of exposure. Although the etiological agents are known, it is often difficult to establish a cause-and-effect link between the disease and occupational exposure. The precise characterization of all these diseases requires high expertise and experience and, overall, great collaboration among specialists from various disciplines. The present winter school will provide an update on occupational diseases, taking advantage of high level speakers who will cover several crucial aspects (epidemiological, clinical, radiological, pathological and legal).

SCIENTIFIC DIRECTOR: Prof. Fiorella Calabrese – Padova (Italy)

SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIAT: Dr. Francesca Lunardi – Padova (Italy) Dr. Federica Pezzuto – Padova (Italy) Dr. Veronica Tauro – Padova (Italy)

FACULTY: Prof. Luka Brcic – Graz (Austria) Prof. Fiorella Calabrese – Padova (Italy) Dr. Izidor Kern – Golnik (Slovenia) Dr. Ángeles Montero-Fernández – Manchester (United Kingdom) Prof. Françoise Galateau-Salle – Lyon (France) Prof. Federico Rea – Padova (Italy)

GUEST SPEAKERS: Dr. Elisabetta Balestro – Padova (Italy) Dr. Chiara Giraudo – Padova (Italy) Dr. Paola Mason – Padova (Italy) Dr. Giulia Pasello – Padova (Italy) Prof. Enrico Pira – Torino (Italy) Dr. Silvia Tambuscio – Padova (Italy) Dr. Alberto Zanatta – Padova (Italy)

The course is free of charge and reserved to the first 50 people completing registration and receiving the confirmation E-mail by the organizing secretariat. Please use the following link for registration: Registration includes: coffee breaks, lunch, certificate of attendance, and afternoon-social activities.

Accreditation of 22 ECMs is available for the following working categories: Medical Doctors (all specializations)